Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

In most states it is mandatory for a company with one or more employees to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers Compensation insurance provides employees with medical, wage and other financial benefits if they are injured on the job. Most carriers offer your standard billing which requires 25% down payment, estimated payments derived from payroll projections for the year. However, direct billing has the potential of costly adjustments if payroll was understated. Premier Payroll Northwest can help partner you with a Pay-As-You-Go Plan.

Pay As You Go Benefits

No large down payments.
Accurate payments based on actual payroll.
Paid automatically after each payroll *
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It’s simple: save money, save time, avoid mandatory year-end audits, budget insurance costs monthly, avoid year-end surprises, have more control over cash flow, and gain real-time oversight.

Premier Payroll Northwest will find you the best price among multiple carriers.


Workers Comp Chart

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